Ashish Pathak, PhD


Ocean Wave Energy Converters

Courtesy: Ashish Pathak, Cole Freniere, and Mehdi Raessi. "Advanced computational simulations of water waves interacting with wave energy converters." European Journal of Computational Mechanics 26, no. 1-2 (2017): 172-204.

Fluid-Structure Interaction (free heave decay)

Courtesy: Ashish Pathak, and Mehdi Raessi. "A 3D, fully Eulerian, VOF-based solver to study the interaction between two fluids and moving rigid bodies using the fictitious domain method." Journal of computational physics 311 (2016): 87-113.

Spray-Wall Interaction

Courtesy: David Markt Jr, Ashish Pathak, Mehdi Raessi, Seong-Young Lee, and Roberto Torelli. "Computational characterization of the secondary droplets formed during the impingement of a train of ethanol drops." International Journal of Engine Research 21, no. 2 (2020): 248-262.